When Space meets Crypto

Godspeed is an initiative by Qosmosys, a Singapore-based company that designs, launches and operates space vehicles that serve organisations and individuals, carrying, testing & producing materials for commercial or scientific applications.

The Godspeed project has been designed to connect space exploration and crypto innovation. Using NFT, a technology that has proven itself to be an extraordinary way to tokenise assets and build communities, we seek to bring on board passionate early adopters and patrons across the globe eager to explore new ways of using space assets and tokenomics.

Our journey will start with our Genesis collection of Explorers which is linked with Qosmosys' spacecraft, Zeus-1 ⚡️

The Explorers

A collection of 10,000 randomly generated and cool Space Explorers with various rarity, living on the Ethereum blockchain.

These researchers, pilots, astronaut candidates and veterans are ready to leave a mark in the NFT space and... the outer-space!

The Golden Plaques

We are sending 50 artworks into space to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Pioneer-10 probe that carried the famous golden plate designed as a message to extraterritorial life. Each artwork has been engraved on gold-anodized plaques, fixed on board Zeus-1 satellite to be launched on a SpaceX/Falcon9 rocket. A handful of you will become the lucky owner both of a physical replica of one of the plates and a unique NFT that grants exceptional perks...

The Documentary

We have started the shooting of a documentary called “Godspeed”, depicting development of the Zeus-1 space mission, and, as a “story within a story”, why outer space is the ultimate place for art and science to merge. The documentary has several famous participants, including Guido Tonelli, the discoverer of the Higgs Boson in 2012. The documentary, expected to be released in December 2022, will be minted into several NFTs, thus creating exclusive and rare collectibles that only Genesis Owners will be able to claim.

Zeus-1 launch

Zeus-1 will be launched on December 18th on board a SpaceX rocket from Cape Canaveral (Florida). A lucky Explorer will get the chance to attend the take-off!

Meet the Team

François Dubrulle
CEO at Qosmosys

A visionary with over 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry. A serial entrepreneur, who founded several successful companies including Qosmosys, the first company contributing to the peaceful development of space science & economy.

Jeferson Staelens
Product Lead

An experienced product manager, coming from a dual background in law & computer programming. Jeferson built several blockchain-based solutions in the intellectual property field. He is the CPO @minty and @mintyfi.

Dylan Breugne
Tech Lead

A talented software engineer and serial entrepreneur who co-founded Maison21G as a CTO. Dylan is now focused on bringing his knowledge from web2 to web3, to bring decentralization in the heart of his products.

About Qosmosys

Product and Missions

Qosmosys organizes a comprehensive and sustainable exploration and colonization of outer space by humanity, reinventing space infrastructure development thanks to the use of decentralized autonomous organizations and open innovation.

Zeus-1 Satellite

Zeus-1 is a spacecraft dedicated to science, carrying a marvel of technologies to be tested in the space environment. As a tribute to and continuation of the NASA Pioneer-10 plaque, Zeus-1 will carry 50 artworks which will be turned into NFTs that allow for participation by all space fans.

Qosmosys Development Plan

Qosmosys has set a promising roadmap towards the development of infrastructures on-demand on the Moon and Mars. The Zeus family of spacecraft is the precursor to the space vehicle technologies ready by 2026 for these interplanetary travels.

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